Adoption Journal

Monday, November 07, 2005

Do I call this an adoption journal anymore?

Just when I think luck is going my way, I get hit again with my bad luck. I have a polyp that I am pretty sure will need to be removed before they let me do the embryo transfer. I called the doctor and was told that I could get an appt in JUNE. So, I cried, and got one on December 1. Adam's birthday.....Figures, any other day would be fine, but now I miss out on part of his birthday. The price I pay for another child. I hope Dr. B can schedule surgery ASAP, or I will be pretty upset.

Today is also supposed to be the day that there is news again on Russia and accreditations, but I am not holding out any hope at all. I feel like we are not even adopting, and we are only pursuing the embryos (or maybe our own baby after the surgery? DARE TO DREAM?)

Poor Adam is sick with a fever. My sweet little guy.